“Awaken, My Love!” Review


Image source http://www.rap-up.com

“Awaken My Love” is the 3rd studio album by Atalanta Rapper,Screenwriter Actor you name it, Donald Glover aka “Childish Gambino”. Released December 2nd on Glassnote records. What sets this album apart from its predecessors is, this is a complete change from his previous mantra. Gambino is known for his witty punch lines, clever wordplay and metaphors in his rapping, however, this album sees him delve away from this method which has provided him so much success and know we see him singing psychedelic, 1970′ Esq soul numbers, for example, the song “Redbone” sees him sing in a way that is almost unrecognisable to his usual tone of voice. He explains in an interview with the Triple J breakfast show in Australia that he just sang in a different way then he normally does and didn’t use pitch vocals to enhance anything.The Track listing for the album is highlighted here.

I loved this album from start to finish it is a welcome, refreshing change from what is out currently on the radio, and with so much negativity depicted in the media in 2016, people need beautiful pieces of art to escape with. This album signifies how much Childish Gambino has grown as an artist, from his mix tape series where he was on the outside looking in and songs like “Freaks and Geeks”  were a showcase of his rapping ability and how lyrical he could be. To when he became an established name who could experiment on projects with singing and rapping like “You don’t have to call”.

Gambinos last project “Because The Internet” was an enjoyable album, however, it did not necessarily have that introspective insight to connect with a wider platform, it was a fun rap project that stuck to its concepts well.”Awaken My Love” has that mass appeal and that ability to connect with the listener on an emotional level. An example of beautiful production mixed with introspective lyrics would be in the song “Baby Boy” about his own child where he sings “Please don’t take him away” it is a peak into the mindset of the artist in his creative process. “Awaken My Love” is an indication that for the 33-year-old Renaissance man, there really is no ceiling for what he can achieve when he connects with the audience.


– Phil


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