“New York restoring the feeling”

One track I can’t stop playing right now comes courtesy of one of the most underrated MC’s of all time, new heat from Papoose.
The Brooklyn vet drops Back on my bullsh*t featuring the legendary Terror Squad capo Fat Joe and Jaquae. Scheduled to be the first release from Hoodie season 3.

Papoose rarely disappoints and the flow switch up in his verse is absolutely crazy. Fat Joe is an all time great with another consistently dope verse that compliments the hard-hitting, bass heavy production very well. The hook is pure hype and energy, add this to your gym playlist you wont need a pre workout. For me it brings the early 2000’s New York feeling right back definitely my favourite track right now. #papoose #fatjoe #Jaquae #backonmybullshit

Check out the video right here on YouTube and enjoy.

– Phil


2 thoughts on ““New York restoring the feeling”

    1. Hi Andrew appreciate, you reading the post. It’s a tough one for me papoose is a very underrated rapper but he is also a rapper that could go under the radar for months with me. I loved Hold the city down with preem and alphabetical slaughter I suppose whats yours?


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