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One of my favorite tracks currently on my Spotify playlist is The Law, from T.D.E MC Ab-soul the 29-year-old Carson California native dropped his 4th project called “Do What Thou Wilt” on December 9th. Ab-soul is known for his clever wordplay and double entendre’s, as well as his subject matter. He is very into the concept of the Tree of Life and the Pineal Gland and also opening your third eye. The symbolic meaning to his verses on the song, at first take a couple of rewind’s to get the message of what exactly he is talking about. At first listen it would seem hes lamenting a special lady in his life for example he says, “I hope you’re still blue, with golden ovaries
On your tippy toes for me, just how you ‘posed to be” you may hear that at first and think they’re peculiar descriptive lyrics. However he is actually describing the goddess Nuit.


Image source: Pinterest The Goddess Nuit.

Nuit is the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of ancient Egyptian Religion, the songs content eludes to Ab-Souls personal belief that the creator is in fact a female. And we must embrace both our masculine and feminine auras, in order to restore balance in our own lives hence why he is saying that love is the only law in order to do this. It is a very well written song, a celebration of women with Ab-soul claiming that the female creator will be returning to the planet.The song also is a tribute to the women in his life and the bond they share with each other through their spirituality and shared belief in The Book of Law.

“Love, love
‘Cause all my thoughts are lavender and pastel green
And you the only one that know what I mean
You know what I mean.”

But it is also about an actual dialougue between the Gods, according to an interview with Ab-Soul explains the meaning behind the song as:

“The Law is an actual conversation between Hadit and Nuit [From The Book of Law]. I’m playing the role of Hadit and I’m having a conversation with Nuit. That’s a classic Angie Stone sample [“Brotha”], and it was a tribute to the black man, a remarkable record. I wanted to do a tribute to the woman, not the black woman, but the woman”. – Taken from Ab-Soul’s interview with Billboard December 2016.


The song features the ever improving Mac Miller who croon’s over the hook very gracefully, and highlights the message conveyed throughout.

“See I was thumbin’ through the mail, fishin’ for a feed
To feed my female, A-S-A-P
Yeah, nature is a mother
And life is a bitch, I am convinced, yeah
God comin’, she just takin’ her time
God comin’, she just takin’ her time, yeah
God comin’, she just takin’ her time
God comin’, she just takin’ her time
Take your time, baby!”


Who would have known “Easy mac with the cheesy raps” the kid who made Donald Trump would possess such a pleasant voice.

California Femcee extraordinaire, Rapsody plays the part of Nuit on the track and presents a beautiful spoken word verse on the importance of female’s and why they should see themselves as the creator’s.


“Queens, we are noddin’ back
Understand we are his back
And when he puts the arc in your back
Understand that we took him to Heaven
Where those golden arcs are at
Golden as sundrops, Queen

When he looks in your eyes
You show him where the stars are at
And your beautiful, beautiful darkness
And in return he replies that
“Girl, I’ll be your knight, your knight in shining armor
‘Cause you’re my heart, Queen”
And lying on his chest our hearts beat box
And you and I are queens
We remind him that he can be all ours
‘Cause we all gods
And God is Queen and God is love
And love stays above all
Heaven, stars, queen, God, God”

The track samples “Brotha” the 2001 release by soul queen Angie Stone and is beautifully produced by Bentley Haze. It is one of the best tracks in hip hop currently. And in my opinion one I feel, should be held in higher regard so have a listen and let me know what you think of it.

– Phil


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