“Take a Chance” Young artists sign yourselves

Image source: Recording Academy

The importance of Chance The Rappers 3 victories, at the 59th annual Grammy awards for upcoming artists should be highlighted for a number of reasons.

Reason one and the most important one is The 23-year-old Chicago born Rapper, singer and songwriter has never been signed to a major label and has also never sold a physical copy of any of his projects.Yet somehow someway his talent preceded all of the conventional methods of previous Hip Hop artists. He has now cemented his status as one of the biggest, most organically popular artist’s right now.

Chance’s following and popularity grew to such an extent that he was approached by Apple to release “Coloring Book” exclusively through their online streaming medium. Chance has still remained an independent artist despite this relationship, He is also the first rapper to get an album to chart on the billboard 200 through streaming alone, again another incredible accomplishment by someone so young.

Not to be Ignored, but a more subtle reason behind his amazing feat and his rise to global stardom and success is that his accomplishment showcase’s the importance of The Internet.
For a young up and coming artist this should mean everything.

Back in the early days if you were planning on pursuing a career in Rap the blueprint was to release some mix-tapes to build an underground following big enough to catch a label heads attention at Def Jam or Interscope records to name a few, and move from there. Artists signed to major labels and made big money however they never owned the rights to their own music.

The main thing kids should takeaway from this monumental achievement is that the future is in your hand’s in terms of style, in terms of the content you create and also how you distribute your art.


The blueprint is there, don’t place your self-worth in the opinion’s of others and sign your self to the biggest record label on the planet “WiFi Records” aka the internet. Fall in love with her, marry her because the opportunities she will bestow upon you are vast.

Get a Sound-cloud and YouTube channel, Spotify account which are all free to do, and release your art how you see it, and how it best represents you. Don’t follow trends set by label executives. Organic followings like what Chance The Rapper has built for himself are obtainable if you are willing to put the work in. We live in a viral culture because of the power of the internet, all it takes is for one song to catch on with an audience and suddenly you’re an overnight sensation.

On the contrary you may not reach the heights of a Drake, Big Sean or a Chance The Rapper but the opportunities to monetize a following and to get to a point of financial backing and security in order to continue to pursue a passion and book shows can’t be ignored. Take the power out of the labels hands and sign your self.


– Phil


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