Playlist Gems – Sarajevo The K’S

Hi there! and how is everyone? I hope you haven’t missed the blog too much? You probably have not so let’s move on. It is September which means that the evenings are getting darker, the weather is getting duller and the school’s are well and truly back and in full operation. College student’s across the country are sipping lattes glaring anxiously at Mac book pros in coffee establishments, crippled with fear of future examinations, schedules and rapidly increasing expenses for the academic year.
As for myself, I have taken quite a substantial break recently from writing, but alas! I am back so it’s not all doom and gloom. And as well as being back, I have brought a gift with me. A fantastic track from a band that I had randomly stumbled upon.

Do you know when you get to the end of your playlist and then it goes into a radio, where it selects similar genre songs for you to add to your current playlist. Well that’s how I found this particular song.

While listening to my Spotify playlist named “indie classics” (how original of me I know) a song called Sarajevo came onto my shuffle that caught my attention, and it comes from a band called The K’S.

The K’S are an indie rock quartet from Warrington in the North West of England. A small town between Liverpool and Manchester, and come from a long lineage of amazing music hailing from this area of Britain. Bands like The Blossoms, The Courteeners and solo acts such as Miles Kane of most recent generation, all the way up to legendary acts like Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Happy Monday’s have all come from this Mecca of sonic nobility, and The K’S look to be another product of their environment.

You can check out Sarajevo, which as it stands has amassed over 56,000 thousand streams on Spotify within a 3 week period. A highly impressive feat no doubt. You can also follow The K’S on their various social media accounts all of which I have linked below. I hope you enjoy, I for one will be extremely excited to hear a lot more from this band in 2017/18.

– Phil

Listen to Sarajevo by The K’s #np on #SoundCloud

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 Kung Fu Kenny kicks the competition

Bankrupt at 24 podcast episode 2 is up, I talk about Kendrick Lamar’s first week album sales and if he has entered the fray as one of the greatest Hip-Hop artists of all time. Kendrick debuted his 3rd studio album Damn on the Billboard 200 chart with over 603,000 album sales first week including streaming and physical sales.

You can listen to the episode on Sound Cloud here

Listen to Bankrupt at 24 podcast episode 2 by Bankrupt at 24 #np on #SoundCloud


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Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 plus

Mobile phone and tech mega power, Samsung are set to release the 8th phone from their flagship S series range on the 28th of April. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ will feature internal memory on both devices of 64GB. It will also come with an expendable storage slot of up to 256GB, more improvements come with a 8mp with f1.7 aperture and also the very welcome introduction of ultra HD video on their front facing camera, some slight changes to the software also come with their 12mp dual pixel back camera. Most striking however is Samsung’s decision to get rid of their home button in favor of what they are calling the “infinity screen”. The S8 is 5″7 inch in screen size while the S8+ comes in a whopping 6″2 inch screen. Both devices come with an octa-core processor and Android 7.0 out of the box. Samsung have created their own personal assistant akin to google now which they have dubbed “Bigsby” it will be interesting to see how this software will connect, with the S3 and the introduction of “S voice” those who bought the S3 will know how unsuccessful the S voice technology was. Bigsby is out currently in the US however it will come to Ireland at a later date still to be announced.

A full list of specifications are via are here 


Video taken in the Samung Experience store in Dundrum Town Centre.

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Bankrupt at 24 Podcast episode 1

Bring up a topic like music and everyone’s opinion differs. Hip-Hop is no exception, I got together with a good friend of mine and huge Hip-Hop aficionado: Cian O’Reilly and we had a great discussion on where we feel the genre has gone, and also where we see eye to eye on the subject, in terms of what resonates with us as avid listeners, and the elements we both look for in a  Hip-Hop track.


Great conversation have a listen and enjoy.

Phil –

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Listen to Bankrupt at 24 Podcast episode 1 by Bankrupt at 24.

Mighty mouse is actually a GOAT 

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson last night, equalled Anderson Silvas long standing record of 10 consecutive UFC title defences, with a 3rd round submission victory over Wilson Reis at UFC Kansas City last night. 

He also laid a demand of a million dollar payout from the UFC, after only receiving $40,000 dollars for his victory. Is he right to do this and also where do you rate “Mighty Mouse in relation to the best ever? A record breaking 11th title defence would surely be the next step for DJ, however one must ponder the idea of a step up to 135lbs for a super fight with current champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt. 

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– Phil. 

Don’t sleep on New York

The hottest remix out right now comes courtesy of Casanova 2x featuring Young M.A, Fabolous, Dave East and Don Q.

Image source: Worldstar hip hop

Casanova 2x or 2 times, an artist with a lot of hype at the moment drafts in some of the biggest and brightest names at present in the New York Hip Hop resurgence movement, and also enlists an OG’S help for a monster remix to his biggest single to date. 

“Dont Run” listen here.

Casanova hailing from Flat Bush in Brooklyn New York is poised to be one of the artist’s to watch in 2017, while Young M.A. arguably was the stand out newcomer of 2016, her smash hit single “Ouuuuu” now has over 199 million views on YouTube.

The Brooklyn femcee gives a strong verse on an agressive snare heavy boom bap production, once again bringing the gritty New York feeling back of the early G-unit days. Harlem Globe trotter Dave East is mister consistent yet again and serves up another 16 bars fans are accustomed to hearing from him. Another newcomer Don Q keeps the energy up with his verse and holds his own while the veteran, Fabolous steals the show on the track and is his usual clever and witty self with bars like.

“had to call Cass like bro (whatup bro), heard n**gas want book me for my watch,(n**gas plotting??)  he said nah it’s a phillipe for a show (ohhh)  ….n**gas tryna book you for a watch” – Fabolous.

Image source:

I love clever lines, my favourite type of bars are ones that make you rewind again and catch different parts of the verse you may have missed. Fabolous in this verse is showing he still has quips and wit in abundance and can still contend, and even outshine the youth to this day.

Anyway check out the track and let me know what you think.
– Phil.

Cheltenham Festival 2017

Today marks the start of Cheltenham Festival 2017. In betting shops around the Country hundreds of thousands of Men and Women will spend an absolute fortune on the “age old” sport of Horse Racing.

 My late father was a huge proponent of this sport, and Cheltenham was one of his favourite days of the year. Some of my fondest memories were heading to the bookies after being collected from work by him. We would stop off on the way home and the two of us would head into the local pub and have a pint, then place a bet in the Paddy Power beside it. His bet of choice was always a lucky 31 at 50 cent a line. 

He always told me I should only bet enough to cover a loss. My dad gambled quite a bit it was one of his vices, however he was a very intelligent Gambler he rarely lost a big amount of money and he always bet to cover himself. Also whenever he won big he handed it straight over to my Mother.

Last year’s Cheltenham Festival was tough to watch for myself because it was the first Cheltenham Festival since the passing of my Dad. Although I tried to stay clear of it, Seeing the excitement of the punters on the day and the buzz of anticipation inside the bookies, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the focused look of anticipation on my father’s face as he thumbed through the Star newspapers racing index. The smell of stale coffee and the friendly small talk you would have with the lady behind the counter who’d take your bets.

Image source: BBC football

In celebration of my father I follow on in his tradition and I place a lucky 31 bet every Cheltenham Festival in memory of him. It’s a nice little tradition I will continue to do, and one I hope to have when I eventually have a Son or Daughter of my own. And who knows? Hopefully they will continue the tradition along with their kids.

When I see the ads on the television on channel 4, or I see the many tipster account’s giving out bad advice on Twitter I can’t help but feel bittersweet about the day and think of the better times shared with my father. 

I hope you enjoy this year’s festival, the very best of luck and most importantly happy punting. 

– Phil.

Playlist Gems: Smashing Pumpkins Today

Following on from my first “playlist gems” post, next up is a song I came across during a random shuffle of a 90’s Spotify playlist I had created for the shop where I work. If you know me by now through following the blog and some of my previous posts my go to genre of choice would definitely be Hip Hop. I have listened to hip hop going on about 14 years now it is 100% my first port of call when it comes to music. However I am a music fanatic and would listen to mostly anything, now don’t get me wrong there is some genres I can leave mostly really heavy techno not that I particularly dislike it as a genre, it’s just a type of music that I couldn’t sit down and listen to for any sort of Duration.

The playlist gem I have chosen for today comes from Grunge/Alternative rock pioneers The Smashing Pumpkins the song is called “Today” and is taken from their 1993 album “Siamese Dream” on Virgin records.

Image source

 I am a huge fan of this band who have had monumental success in the early to late 90’s. The track is written by their lead vocalist and guitar player Billy Corgan. The smashing pumpkins were one of the poster boy bands of the infamous “Generation X” in the 90’s Grunge music scene which developed in Seattle Washington. This genre formed from musicians and fans feeling a huge sense of disillusionment with the “Glam Rock” bands of previous generations, bands like Def Leopard or a Van Halen for example.These kids came from a time where there was immense prosperity in the United States and for once they had the choice and the freedom to express themselves. Most felt the genres of previous decades did not represent them to any extent. There was also a sense of extreme division in a lot of suburban household’s. A lot of youth felt their parents didn’t understand them and with a liberal ethos becoming more normal and more and more younger people attending Universities it tended to cause a lot of tension. These kids were frustrated, lost and angry and it showed in the fantastic music that spawned from that era.

“Today” begins with a beautiful distorted guitar intro which has anthem like qualities into a very positive, uplifting opening few lines.

“Today is the greatest day I’ve known” 

What starts off as what would seem to be a happy song, quickly you realise how Ironic this opening lyric actually is. It takes a sharp turn to a very dark theme of suicidal ideation and angst.

“Cant live for tomorrow, tomorrows much too long I’ll burn my eyes out before I get out” 

This song is quite clearly about Corgans struggles with depression, according to Billy Corgan wrote this after a death in the family and also the ending of a long term relationship. In these lines he is ironically telling his fans, that particular day was a rough one for him. 

“Pink ribbon scars that never forget, I’ve tried so hard to cleanse these regrets”

He is talking about how he has tried to escape from reality by taking Heroin which never worked. The song is an ode to their avid fan base, it is a call to attention for anybody who is or has been through a tough situation, and is showing them that although they may feel alone in their despair, he understands what they’re going through.

Image source:

It is a deep and meaningful song and one I feel has been underappreciated as time has passed. So have a listen if you’re new to the band. And if you’re a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins and it brings back feelings of nostalgia enjoy and share it with a friend.

– Phil.

Playlist Gems

One of my favorite tracks currently on my Spotify playlist is The Law, from T.D.E MC Ab-soul the 29-year-old Carson California native dropped his 4th project called “Do What Thou Wilt” on December 9th. Ab-soul is known for his clever wordplay and double entendre’s, as well as his subject matter. He is very into the concept of the Tree of Life and the Pineal Gland and also opening your third eye. The symbolic meaning to his verses on the song, at first take a couple of rewind’s to get the message of what exactly he is talking about. At first listen it would seem hes lamenting a special lady in his life for example he says, “I hope you’re still blue, with golden ovaries
On your tippy toes for me, just how you ‘posed to be” you may hear that at first and think they’re peculiar descriptive lyrics. However he is actually describing the goddess Nuit.


Image source: Pinterest The Goddess Nuit.

Nuit is the goddess of the sky in the Ennead of ancient Egyptian Religion, the songs content eludes to Ab-Souls personal belief that the creator is in fact a female. And we must embrace both our masculine and feminine auras, in order to restore balance in our own lives hence why he is saying that love is the only law in order to do this. It is a very well written song, a celebration of women with Ab-soul claiming that the female creator will be returning to the planet.The song also is a tribute to the women in his life and the bond they share with each other through their spirituality and shared belief in The Book of Law.

“Love, love
‘Cause all my thoughts are lavender and pastel green
And you the only one that know what I mean
You know what I mean.”

But it is also about an actual dialougue between the Gods, according to an interview with Ab-Soul explains the meaning behind the song as:

“The Law is an actual conversation between Hadit and Nuit [From The Book of Law]. I’m playing the role of Hadit and I’m having a conversation with Nuit. That’s a classic Angie Stone sample [“Brotha”], and it was a tribute to the black man, a remarkable record. I wanted to do a tribute to the woman, not the black woman, but the woman”. – Taken from Ab-Soul’s interview with Billboard December 2016.


The song features the ever improving Mac Miller who croon’s over the hook very gracefully, and highlights the message conveyed throughout.

“See I was thumbin’ through the mail, fishin’ for a feed
To feed my female, A-S-A-P
Yeah, nature is a mother
And life is a bitch, I am convinced, yeah
God comin’, she just takin’ her time
God comin’, she just takin’ her time, yeah
God comin’, she just takin’ her time
God comin’, she just takin’ her time
Take your time, baby!”


Who would have known “Easy mac with the cheesy raps” the kid who made Donald Trump would possess such a pleasant voice.

California Femcee extraordinaire, Rapsody plays the part of Nuit on the track and presents a beautiful spoken word verse on the importance of female’s and why they should see themselves as the creator’s.


“Queens, we are noddin’ back
Understand we are his back
And when he puts the arc in your back
Understand that we took him to Heaven
Where those golden arcs are at
Golden as sundrops, Queen

When he looks in your eyes
You show him where the stars are at
And your beautiful, beautiful darkness
And in return he replies that
“Girl, I’ll be your knight, your knight in shining armor
‘Cause you’re my heart, Queen”
And lying on his chest our hearts beat box
And you and I are queens
We remind him that he can be all ours
‘Cause we all gods
And God is Queen and God is love
And love stays above all
Heaven, stars, queen, God, God”

The track samples “Brotha” the 2001 release by soul queen Angie Stone and is beautifully produced by Bentley Haze. It is one of the best tracks in hip hop currently. And in my opinion one I feel, should be held in higher regard so have a listen and let me know what you think of it.

– Phil

“Take a Chance” Young artists sign yourselves

Image source: Recording Academy

The importance of Chance The Rappers 3 victories, at the 59th annual Grammy awards for upcoming artists should be highlighted for a number of reasons.

Reason one and the most important one is The 23-year-old Chicago born Rapper, singer and songwriter has never been signed to a major label and has also never sold a physical copy of any of his projects.Yet somehow someway his talent preceded all of the conventional methods of previous Hip Hop artists. He has now cemented his status as one of the biggest, most organically popular artist’s right now.

Chance’s following and popularity grew to such an extent that he was approached by Apple to release “Coloring Book” exclusively through their online streaming medium. Chance has still remained an independent artist despite this relationship, He is also the first rapper to get an album to chart on the billboard 200 through streaming alone, again another incredible accomplishment by someone so young.

Not to be Ignored, but a more subtle reason behind his amazing feat and his rise to global stardom and success is that his accomplishment showcase’s the importance of The Internet.
For a young up and coming artist this should mean everything.

Back in the early days if you were planning on pursuing a career in Rap the blueprint was to release some mix-tapes to build an underground following big enough to catch a label heads attention at Def Jam or Interscope records to name a few, and move from there. Artists signed to major labels and made big money however they never owned the rights to their own music.

The main thing kids should takeaway from this monumental achievement is that the future is in your hand’s in terms of style, in terms of the content you create and also how you distribute your art.


The blueprint is there, don’t place your self-worth in the opinion’s of others and sign your self to the biggest record label on the planet “WiFi Records” aka the internet. Fall in love with her, marry her because the opportunities she will bestow upon you are vast.

Get a Sound-cloud and YouTube channel, Spotify account which are all free to do, and release your art how you see it, and how it best represents you. Don’t follow trends set by label executives. Organic followings like what Chance The Rapper has built for himself are obtainable if you are willing to put the work in. We live in a viral culture because of the power of the internet, all it takes is for one song to catch on with an audience and suddenly you’re an overnight sensation.

On the contrary you may not reach the heights of a Drake, Big Sean or a Chance The Rapper but the opportunities to monetize a following and to get to a point of financial backing and security in order to continue to pursue a passion and book shows can’t be ignored. Take the power out of the labels hands and sign your self.


– Phil